Merzouga Rally 2017: the route

2017-03-31 16:03
Key elements:
• 6 race days and a marathon bivouac in one the most famous location of the South of Morocco
• Navigation remains the priority of this rally, which is a stepping stone to the Dakar
• 3 special stages will feature a separate start for bike/quad and SSV
• Dakar Challenge: 3 free entries for the 2018 Dakar

Following the last 15 days of recce in the Moroccan desert, Marc Coma and his staff are ready to reveal some aspects of the 2017 edition of the Merzouga Rally. The focus on the navigation, the variety of terrains and an excellent mix of speed and riding technique are the key elements of this unique rally.

The 2017 edition features one more race day for a total of 6 days. The prologue and the first special stage will take place already on May 7 for a full immersion in the Moroccan desert.


From the head quarter of the rally, based at the Xaluca hotel in Erfoud, the competitors will discover the South of Morocco, characterized by a variety of terrains. The competitors will cover more than 800 km with liaisons reduced to the minimum. They will climb the big dunes of Merzouga and explore the rocky paths of the Atlas Mountains.

Special stages for all taste
Open to the bikes, quads and SSV, the 2017 route presents two special stages that will see the SSV take a separate start from the bikes and quads and one stage where the three categories will take the start together but then their route will separate straight afterwards.
Highlights of the 2017 edition: a spectacular night start of the SS1 for the SSV crews.

Marathon stage
Among the highlights of the 2017 edition, there is also a new marathon bivouac close to one of the most famous and beautiful locations of the South of Morocco.

Road book
As it is tradition at the Merzouga Rally, the navigation will be demanding and accurate: a challenge for the Pro and a good school for the amateurs and the new comers who can benefit from Marc Coma’s workshops to progress rapidly in the rally raid discipline.

Dakar Challenge
Round of the Dakar Challenge, this year in addition to the 2 free registrations for the 2018 Dakar as a prize for the overall winner in the bike/quad category and the rookie of the year always in the bike/quad class, there is a third prize for the fastest crew in SSV category (who has never participated in the Dakar before) will gain the 2018 Dakar entry plus their entry for the 2018 Merzouga. In addition, the finishers who will cover the entire route without penalties in the PRO category will be given an automatic access to the selections of the Dakar 2018.

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