Yamaha In Contention For Final Podium Result After Penultimate Stage At Merzouga Rally

2016-05-26 04:03
Continuing his impressive run at this year's Merzouga Rally, Yamalube Yamaha Official Rally Team rider Adrien Van Beveren crossed the finish line of today's stage four in fourth position, to earn a spot inside the top three in the provisional overall standings. His teammate Helder Rodrigues came home in sixth position.

Battling his way through one more challenging day of rally racing, Van Beveren completed the 170 km long special stage in a time of 02:27:46, posting the fourth best time of the day. After four difficult days of racing in Morocco the Frenchman is provisionally third in the overall standings and looks set to deliver Yamaha and the WR450F Rally machine an impressive podium result at the close of the 2016 Merzouga Rally.

Following a remarkable performance yesterday, which saw him provisionally climb to second in the overall standings, Adrien's Yamalube Yamaha Official Rally Team teammate Helder Rodrigues frustratingly took a wrong turn halfway through the day's special stage and lost precious time. Placing sixth the Portuguese rider is now fifth in the overall standings, less than two minutes behind a provisional podium result.

Wrapping up the Moroccan event, the final stage will see competitors contest a 35km loop in the deep sand of the Yasmina dry lake. Riders will line up for a motocross-style start and will race two short loops before arriving at the end of what has been a long and demanding event.

SCCR2016 - Adrien Van Beveren - Yamalube Yamaha Official Team rider Adrien Van Beveren - Yamalube Yamaha Official Rally Team rider
4th Stage 4 / 4th Overall

"It feels good to be in the top three after this extremely difficult two-day marathon stage. Yesterday there were lots of off piste tracks and navigation was key. I spent most of the day racing with the leading group of five riders and the pace was incredibly fast. In today's special stage I had a better rhythm. I made a small navigational mistake after the start and had to push hard to gain back the time lost. There was a really technical passage just before the end so I had to be careful not to make any mistake. Tomorrow's motocross-style stage will be run in deep sand. My mechanics once again did a great job preparing the bike and I'm looking forward to the final competitive stage."
SCCR2016 - Hélder Rodrigues - Yamalube Yamaha Official Team rider Helder Rodrigues - Yamalube Yamaha Official Rally Team rider
6th Stage 4 / 5th Overall

"These last two days have been really tough. I pushed a lot in the first leg of the marathon stage yesterday. It was a great day overall, I managed to get second and also climb to second in the overall. Unfortunately, 120 km into today's special stage I made a navigational mistake, which forced me to loose a lot of time. So far I believe this rally has been the perfect test for us. We've learned a lot, and we continue getting stronger as the races go on. I have a great feeling on my bike so I'm really looking forward to tomorrow and also for the races to come. "
Jose Leloir - Yamalube Yamaha Official Rally Team manager
"This two-day marathon stage has been a great test for our team and I'm proud to say that everything went according to plan. Both our riders worked hard last night to prepare their bikes for today and made it to the finish without any problems at all. The race proved to be extremely difficult, with really warm temperatures, lots of dunes and demanding navigation. Helder made a few mistakes today but that can happen when battling for the overall win. The level of racing is high and that's also good for our riders to improve. Adrien rode a great stage today and managed to earn a place inside the top three in the overall. Helder is fifth in the overall, less than a minute behind Farres, so for tomorrow we'll keep fighting and hopefully see one or even both our riders on the podium."
Merzouga Rally 2016 - Stage 4 - Provisional Classification

Kevin Benavides (ARG), Honda, 02:19:35
Gerard Farres (ESP), KTM, 02:25:53, +06:18
Stefan Svitko (SVK), KTM, 02:26:23, +06:48
Adrien Van Beveren (FRA), Yamaha, 02:27:46, +08:11
Ricky Brabec (USA), Honda, 02:33:23, +13:48
Helder Rodrigues (POR), Yamaha, 02:34:34, +14:59

Merzouga Rally 2016 -Overall Classification After Stage 4

Kevin Benavides (ARG), Honda, 13:39:30
Stefan Svitko (SVK), KTM, 13:42:35, +03:05
Adrien Van Beveren (FRA), Yamaha, 13:51:06, +11:36
Gerard Farres (ESP), KTM, 13:51:39, +12:09
Helder Rodrigues (POR), Yamaha, 13:52:23, +12:53
Ricky Brabec (USA), Honda, 14:30:26, +50:56

Source: Yamaha Motor Europe N.V.

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