FIM MotoGP Stewards Panel Notification of Sanction: Maria Herrera

2016-05-07 08:02
To: Maria Herrera, Rider No.6 of the Moto3 Class.
According to Article 3.5.5 of the FIM World Championship Grand Prix Regulations, we confirm
our decision.
On 6
th May 2016 during the Moto3 Free Practice 1 session of the Monster Energy Grand Prix
de France, you were found to be riding slowly in 3 sectors in excess of the 110% limit of your
fastest sectors.
This contravenes the instructions given at the riders briefing of 17th March 2016 and is
considered to be irresponsible riding causing danger to other competitors. It is therefore an
infringement of Article 1.21.2 of the FIM World Championship Grand Prix Regulations.
This violation was considered as a minor offence.
For the above motive, the FIM MotoGP Stewards Panel has imposed on you a grid penalty of
3 places at this event, without hearing you (in accordance with articles 3.2.1 and
Right of Protest
You have the right to protest this decision according to Article 3.4.1, in which case a hearing
will be held. Any protest must be received within 30 minutes from the time this notification is
signed, paying the security deposit of 660 Euros.
Yours faithfully,
FIM MotoGP Stewards Panel


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