Movistar Reveals New Aragon Grand Prix Trophy Designed by Lorenzo

2015-09-24 16:02
Movistar underlined the strength of its partnership with the Movistar Yamaha MotoGP and Motorland Aragón circuit by revealing a new trophy design that represents the union. The newly-styled trophies will be handed out to the winners of the Gran Premio Movistar de Aragón this weekend.

It is for the second year in succession that the factory team‘s title sponsor, Movistar, has tied its name to the race at the Motorland Aragón circuit, which is located near the town of Alcañiz. The strong bond called for a new design of the award, which was inniated by Movistar Yamaha MotoGP.

To mark the occasion, the new trophy not only had to represent the track, which is much-beloved by the riders, but also symbolize the strength of the two Movistar sponsorships in the world of motorsport: the sponsorship of the Movistar Aragón Grand Prix, and that of the Movistar Yamaha MotoGP team.

Movistar Yamaha MotoGP rider Jorge Lorenzo was given the honour to collaborate with renowned award designer Marc García Rojals on the design of the award, making it the first time the trophy for a MotoGP Grand Prix has been styled by a rider.

García Rojals is an internationally recognized creator of many other prizes in the world of motorsport. Lorenzo played an advising role in the new trophy‘s design and met with Rojals in Montmeló to discuss the format of the new award. The designer asked Lorenzo to define which features came to mind when he thought of the Alcañiz circuit and the Spanish rider answered without hesitance that it was the iconic stone wall.

During their work together, the sportsman and the artist considered various shapes and positions of the Movistar logo to finially settle on a statuette, representing a fragment of the wall of the circuit, on a pedestal.

The process of shaping the new trophy consisted of several phases. First, a mould was made out of plaster, which was then filled with a mixture of resin and concrete. Once the mass was solidified, the figure was painted with the dry brush technique to replicate the wall‘s colours as closely as possible. Finally, a sheet of carbon was added on the back of the trophy to represent the asphalt of the track.

Beside its eye-catching design, the trophy also has detailing. A stainless steel plaque was added onto ’the wall‘ and contains the details of the Grand Prix and the name of the category in which the award will be given. Furthermore, the cut-out silhouette of the Movistar logo is visible on both sides of the trophy, giving it a high-quality finish.

Further images of the Movistar Aragón Grand Prix trophy designed by Marc García Rojals and Jorge Lorenzo are available on


It was a beautiful experience to help in the design of the Movistar trophy for the Grand Prix of Aragón. It was a new opportunity and something I had never done before, though I‘ve always been interested and involved in design. It is something I enjoy since childhood, when I started drawing to create my own logos and designs. At Montmeló I brainstormed with Marc Garcia Rojals, the trophy designer, to find a good concept and I think for us the most representative part of the Motorland Aragón circuit is the big stone wall. I think the result of our collaboration is pretty good and the trophy is very beautiful, different to what we have ever seen being handed out so far. I‘m very happy that I got to be involved in this project and I would like to thank Movistar for this initiative. Let‘s hope we‘re able to get our hands on the trophy on Sunday.

Source: Yamaha Motor Racing

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