2015-09-21 07:15
Roasting Californian sunshine cooked the Glen Helen circuit at San Bernardino as the Monster Energy MXGP of USA brought the 2015 FIM Motocross World Championship to an end and Rockstar Energy Suzuki Europe’s Jeremy Seewer rode to seventh position and confirmed fifth place in the 2015 MX2 standings.

Round 18 was played out in temperatures in the mid-thirties for one of the hottest and toughest events on the calendar this year: a schedule that has visited four continents this term. The Rockstar Energy Suzuki crew fielded all three of their RM-Z250 athletes in the USA with Seewer joined by Brian Hsu and Bas Vaessen also making the trip across the Atlantic.

With final positions in the MX2 rankings still up for grabs – even the title for what was a duel between Tim Gajser and Pauls Jonass and was won by the former – the series carried some exciting connotations for the moto classifications. Seewer was aiming for top-five in the world in just his second season in Grand Prix.

The first moto, in front of 22,000 spectators (weekend figure) saw Seewer in the top 10 and pushing around the extended layout and long hills of the Glen Helen course formed from a loose terrain that was even dusty in parts. The Swiss finally made it to eighth while Vaessen picked up points for 15th. Hsu ultimately could not complete the distance. The teenager had been dealing with a stomach complaint all week and was physically drained for the races. He attempted the moto but swiftly pulled out when he could not concentrate or control his machine properly and safely.

In the second moto Seewer made the best jump out of the gate and was among the leaders around the fast right, banked turn. From there he made good pace on a rougher and more technical course to shadow Pauls Jonass for long stages. The ‘#91’ was able to pass the Latvian before the finish and record his 12th top-five result. Vaessen was unlucky on the first lap when he ploughed into the crashed Kawasakis of Thomas Covington and Chris Alldredge. The Dutchman picked up his motorcycle and completed the race in 16th to leave the USA with the same slot in the overall ranking.

Seewer totalled 496 points this year with two podium finishes to mark more promising progress in his young professional career. Rockstar Energy Suzuki Europe will now look towards ending their 2015 campaign with the Motocross of Nations at Ernee in France next weekend.

Jeremy Seewer:

“Fifth in the world was my goal at the beginning of the season and I knew it was not going to be easy because eighteen races is quite a lot and it is difficult to avoid injuries. A few other guys got hit by that but its part of the game. I’m pretty happy. I did a good race today, especially the second moto with an amazing start and everyone can see that this is something we need to work on for next season. If we improve this area then I think we can go for the top-three next year. The track was better here in the second moto because it was rougher and you could make more of a difference with more lines. We don’t really have tracks like this in Europe and I like them but it is just a different way to race with many big jumps, doubles, split lanes; it is something else. I think we need to find a mix between this extreme and our tracks to have the best solution.”

Bas Vaessen:

“It was hard today! In the first heat I kept going and had a lot of battles and finally took 15th. In the second moto I crashed into Covington and from there all I could do was ride and set good lap-times. At one moment near the end I saw I could not make any more places and just tried to keep control and come home. It was an awesome experience here. The heat didn't bother me so much when I was riding but when you stop or have to pick the bike up it comes at you like a wall!”

MX2 Moto1: 1. Jessy Nelson (USA, KTM), 36:33.129; 2. Chris Alldredge (USA, Kawasaki), +0:12.857; 3. Shane McElrath (USA, KTM), +0:18.589; 4. Max Anstie (GBR, Kawasaki), +0:21.210; 5. Valentin Guillod (SUI, Yamaha), +0:21.307; 6. Tim Gajser (SLO, Honda), +0:34.359; 7. Harri Kullas (FIN, Husqvarna), +0:38.327; 8. Jeremy Seewer (SUI, Rockstar Energy Suzuki), +0:39.762; 9. Julien Lieber (BEL, Yamaha), +0:50.881; 10. Pauls Jonass (LAT, KTM), +0:54.438; 11. Petar Petrov (BUL, Kawasaki), +0:55.255; 12. Thomas Covington (USA, Kawasaki), +1:00.300; 13. Benoit Paturel (FRA, Yamaha), +1:00.930; 14. Brent Van doninck (BEL, Yamaha), +1:13.683; 15. Bas Vaessen (NED, Rockstar Energy Suzuki), +2:00.552.

MX2 Moto2: 1. Jessy Nelson (USA, KTM), 36:37.196; 2. Shane McElrath (USA, KTM), +0:05.211; 3. Valentin Guillod (SUI, Yamaha), +0:32.327; 4. Tim Gajser (SLO, Honda), +0:36.227; 5. Jeremy Seewer (SUI, Rockstar Energy Suzuki), +0:40.646; 6. Pauls Jonass (LAT, KTM), +0:50.515; 7. Harri Kullas (FIN, Husqvarna), +0:52.303; 8. Max Anstie (GBR, Kawasaki), +1:06.400; 9. Benoit Paturel (FRA, Yamaha), +1:09.669; 10. Ivo Monticelli (ITA, KTM), +1:51.141; 11. Petar Petrov (BUL, Kawasaki), +1:55.708; 12. Calvin Vlaanderen (NED, KTM), +2:05.137; 13. Chris Alldredge (USA, Kawasaki), +2:08.710; 14. Brian Bogers (NED, KTM), +2:15.862; 15. Samuele Bernardini (ITA, TM), +2:23.519; 16. Bas Vaessen (NED, Rockstar Energy Suzuki), -1 lap(s).

MX2 Overall result: 1. Jessy Nelson (USA, KTM), 50 points; 2. Shane McElrath (USA, KTM), 42 p.; 3. Valentin Guillod (SUI, YAM), 36 p.; 4. Tim Gajser (SLO, HON), 33 p.; 5. Max Anstie (GBR, KAW), 31 p.; 6. Chris Alldredge (USA, KAW), 30 p.; 7. Jeremy Seewer (SUI, Rockstar Energy Suzuki), 29 p.; 8. Harri Kullas (FIN, HUS), 28 p.; 9. Pauls Jonass (LAT, KTM), 26 p.; 10. Benoit Paturel (FRA, YAM), 20 p.; 11. Petar Petrov (BUL, KAW), 20 p.; 12. Ivo Monticelli (ITA, KTM), 13 p.; 13. Thomas Covington (USA, KAW), 13 p.; 14. Brian Bogers (NED, KTM), 12 p.; 15. Julien Lieber (BEL, YAM), 12 p.; 16. Bas Vaessen (NED, Rockstar Energy Suzuki), 11 p.

MX2 Final World Championship standings: 1. Tim Gajser (SLO, HON), 589 points; 2. Pauls Jonass (LAT, KTM), 564 p.; 3. Max Anstie (GBR, KAW), 537 p.; 4. Valentin Guillod (SUI, YAM), 511 p.; 5. Jeremy Seewer (SUI, Rockstar Energy Suzuki), 496 p.; 6. Julien Lieber (BEL, YAM), 430 p.; 7. Jeffrey Herlings (NED, KTM), 423 p.; 8. Jordi Tixier (FRA, KAW), 393 p.; 9. Benoit Paturel (FRA, YAM), 376 p.; 10. Petar Petrov (BUL, KAW), 324 p.

Source: Team Suzuki Press Office

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