HIMOINSA Team reaches the final podium in Dakar 2015

2015-01-18 12:50
The team of Spanish multinational energy company, HIMOINSA, shone at this year's Dakar with two of its three riders reaching the final podium. Rosa Romero becomes the third Spanish woman in history to finish the toughest trial in the world. The rider from Madrid, Antonio Gimeno, ends his second appearance at the rally with his second finisher. Miguel Puertas had to retire during the sixth stage after a spectacular fall that fractured his elbow.

A resounding success is how we can classify HIMOINSA Team's participation at the 37th edition of the Dakar Rally, as the team raced this year through Argentina, Chile and Bolivia, with the competition starting and ending in the city of Buenos Aires, where today the whole team were received like genuine heroes. Thirteen stages in fourteen days with a rest day and two marathon stages; in a rally where this year the competitors experienced even more extreme situations than in other editions with the heat, cold, rain, and all the problems that the riders came up against on each of the days.

We review the final standings of our riders. Rosa Romero finished the trial in a commendable fifty-second position after more than seventy-one hours on the bike (52nd, 71h18m25s) to complete the course, and becomes the third Spanish woman of all time to finish the Dakar in the motorcycle category. The pioneer was Amparo Ausina in 2005, followed by Laia Sanz and now Rosa. Antonio Gimeno meanwhile finished his second Dakar having taken part in two editions, finishing in fifty-third position (53rd, 71h24m53s). The rider from Madrid has shown class at this year's Dakar, always choosing the perfect strategy for Rosa and him to follow on the days of the competition. Remember Miguel Puertas had to retire in the sixth stage and is currently awaiting surgery next week. In the overall standings there were no surprises with first place in the bike category taken by the favourite Marc Coma.

With regard to today's stage, with a lot of the competitors usually taking the opportunity to have fun with everyone and receive the greetings of the fans, the organization had to end it at CP2 on the special stage, because the rain made it impossible to continue on the bike. Following the podium finish in Technopolis, Buenos Aires, we were able to chat with our riders to let them tell us about all the emotions and how they felt after achieving the team goals, and in the case of Rosa making history. "I'm really very happy. This is the result of a job well done throughout the year. We started with Antonio in February, and later thanks to Miguel we were able to start building the HIMOINSA Team and this is what has shaped our Dakar and made it possible for me to finish. Every year that I have come, something has always happened and it seemed as if the race was chasing me. With regards our way of facing the stages we set a very solid pace, we didn't want to take chances. There are a lot of days of competition with this pressure to not fail, not wanting to fall and when you find yourself here, it is a relief and you end up feeling excited. It was a really tough Dakar, all of us on the motorbikes are the ones who suffer the most, but the positive attitude shown by Antonio Gimeno really helped me to get here. Everyone thought that today would be a stage for having fun, and yet it has become a stage with lots of sliding about and with the sight of riders on the floor all the time, we have not had it easy on even one day. Nani is very happy for me but, unfortunately, we weren't able to enjoy a double celebration. All the time I remembered my family, and friends and that friend I told you about, who is overcoming a tough disease. I know what it is like to experience one of these races in front of a computer and I imagined them watching all the time to see if we had passed. Now I'm going to call home, but even though they were far away it was like I was riding along with them. I always carry some of my children's drawings with me. I always keep them with my pass card and sometimes they stamped them when I went through the check points, it was fun. This year I really enjoyed it and if I have the opportunity to repeat the Dakar under these conditions, I would do it again but for now I know it'll be a while before I want to ride a bike. I also want to thank HIMOINSA, the other day it was really nice to receive the support and warmth of all the clients who have come out to the Dakar Rally".

We also chatted with Antonio Gimeno, who was euphoric having achieved the goal they set out many months ago. "Mission accomplished. It's a shame about Miguel having to retire but overall I'm very happy with the way things played out on a day to day basis, with Rosa's evolution and I'm happy because we didn't have any major incidents. I am very happy, the goal has been achieved and I'm already thinking about the Dakar 2016. I have helped Rosa to achieve her dream. The best moment was now, when I arrived with Rosa, to see her break down in tears when she saw Nani was very emotional. With regards the route, the Bolivia stages were epic, and the second and third stages were also very hard. My first call was home; you think about the whole family, this is an effort involving a lot of people. At the Dakar Rally you don't have time to think about how people are experiencing it on the other side, you don't perceive it. You know you are here in the middle of it every day but when you talk to people at home you realize that they are suffering the most. I have made a lot of friends. I must have helped more than twenty riders. I gave them straps, ropes; I helped getting bikes out of a river; I turned over a quad so it could continue the race... Thanks to HIMOINSA Team and everyone. During these last few days I was able to talk to Francisco Gracia, CEO, and everyone is very happy with the impact it has had." Thus concluded Antonio Gimeno, with his mind already set on next year's Dakar.

And so we come to the end of another Dakar in which we remember all the people who made it happen, everyone who helped us and, of course, especially our support team and mechanics Manolo Díaz, José Ruíz and Miguel Ángel Vicente-Ruíz for their tremendous work at all times. We also want to thank the other sponsors Yanmar and Vision Advisors for their support, as well as all the partner companies.

Source: Himoinsa

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