The riders arrive in Cachi (Salta) on the marathon stage

2015-01-15 19:02
After another freezing night in the bivouac, the riders embarked on the 10th stage of the Dakar, which took them back into Argentine territory. HIMOINSA Team crossed the Jama Pass with the temperature hovering at around 3 degrees After arriving in Cachi, the riders, once again with no support because they are in the middle of a marathon stage, will tune up their bikes for the final stretch of the Dakar. Today's scare was provided by Nani Roma, whose MINI crashed and rolled several times. He and his co-driver emerged unscathed.

Another rainy day on the Dakar The riders began the special section back on Argentine soil again on the Salinas Grandes salt flats. Once again participants had to battle the same foes as in in recent days on the Salar de Uyuni salt pan: salt and water. Although we experienced a few problems with the online tracking of the race, with both Iritrack and even the GPS fitted on the bikes so that they can be located by the organisers developing faults from time to time, our HIMOINSA Team headed by Rosa Romero and Antonio Gimeno enjoyed another great day.

371 km of special and over 500 km of liaison, leaving behind yesterday's excruciatingly uncomfortable stage owing to the terrain and fesh-fesh that Rosa Romero so detests and again entering mountainous and more technical areas on which the Catalan rider feels more at ease. Rosa Romero finished in 59th position (+1h 28 mins 27 secs) with Antonio Gimeno alongside her in 60th place, having lost exactly the same amount of time. We were unable to establish direct contact with the riders because they are in the middle of a marathon stage but we will be able to chat with them again tomorrow at the end of the day, when the support truck and riders will share the same bivouac.

At the top of the standings, Joan Barreda put an end to his rotten luck in two stages by claiming victory in today's race, while the overall leader Marc Coma was able to further extend his advantage over the Portuguese rider Paulo Gonçalves to around seven minutes A special mention goes to Laia Sanz, who remains in the top ten in the overall standings. Today's most notable withdrawal was Matthias Walkner, the Austrian rider who has claimed a stage win and was the first rider to help Puertas following his accident, who felt unwell and was unable even to start stage ten.

Stage 11. Salta - Termas de Río Hondo (liaison: 161 km , special: 351 km)

The rally takes two different routes along the famous Ruta 40 and catches an eyeful of its magnificent landscapes. However, the riders and drivers will have no time for sightseeing on these fast tracks: their accumulated fatigue 11 days into the rally (and the fourth marathon stage for motorcycles and quads!) requires a laser-like focus on the course and the notes in the road book. Car and truck crews will also have to be on the lookout in the many sections where the tracks are lined with trees.

Source: Himoinsa

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