Monster Energy Kawasaki Team Green Finishes Strong at the 2012 Thor Winter Olympics

2012-11-25 15:06
The 2012 Thor Winter Olympics came to a close Saturday as they wrapped up the second motos at Gatorback Cycle Park in Gainesville, Fla. Monster Energy Kawasaki Team Green completed a long week of racing with seven Winter Olympic Motocross Championships. Austin Forkner demonstrated that he can be dominant on both the KX™85 and the KX™100 and won the 85 (12-13) Modified class and Supermini 1 (12-15) class with perfect 1-1 moto scores. His two championships also earned him the prestigious Bronze Boot award, which is presented to the top youth rider. Keith Johnson also went 1-1 in the Plus 40 class. Tristan Lane, Jordan Jarvis, and Jim Nesse also captured championships for Team Green.

Bronze Boot
After finishing supercross with two second-place finishes, the 2012 Monster Energy Cup Supermini champion was looking forward to motocross this week. Competing in four classes, Forkner finished second in Mini Sr. (12-15) Modified and swept the 85 (12-13) Modified class and the Supermini 1 (12-15) class motocross championships adding to his long list of accomplishments in 2012. His championships and consistency did not go unnoticed as he was awarded the prestigious Bronze Boot at the awards ceremony, which is given to the top youth rider of the week.

2012 Thor Winter Olympics
Gatorback Cycle Park – Gainesville, Fla.
November 24, 2012

Austin Forkner – Supermini 1 (12-15)
Keith Johnson – Plus 40
Austin Forkner – 85 (12-13) Modified
Tristan Lane – 250 C Stock
Jordan Jarvis – Girls (9-11)
Jim Neese – Plus 35
Tristan Lane – 250 C Modified

Second-Place Finishes
John Grewe – Plus 45
Keith Johnson – Plus 35
Tanner Stack – 85 (12-13) Stock
Mike Treadwell – Plus 40
Keith Jonhson – Plus 30
Darian Sanayei – 250 B Modified
Austin Pare – 250 C Modified
Austin Forkner – Mini Sr. (12-15) Modified
Austin Pare – Open C Modified
Tanner Stack – 85 (12-13) Modified

Third-Place Finishes
Scott Sheak – Plus 35
Christina Older – Women (12+)
Forrest Smith – Plus 25
Tanner Stack – Mini Sr. (12-15) Stock
Mark Worth – Schoolboy (13-16)
Jim Neese – Plus 30
Mark Worth – 250 B Modified
Tanner Stack – Mini Sr. (12-15) Modified

Source: Kawasaki Motors Corp.

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