Monster Energy Kawasaki Team Green Wins 11 Championships in Ponca City

2012-07-30 18:52
Monster Energy Kawasaki Team Green had an excellent week in Ponca City, Okla., for the 2012 Amateur Motocross Championships with Austin Burns and Sean Cantrell leading the way. Burns went on to win all 12 of his motos and earn four championships. Cantrell was just as successful, winning all but one moto and taking home three championships. Kawasaki Team Green riders took home a total of 11 championships along with an additional 17 podium finishes.

Looking to gain some momentum leading up to Loretta Lynn’s, Burns planned to head to Tennessee with some championships under his belt. Winning all 12 of his motos and setting the fastest lap of the week, Burns was untouchable. His KX™450F and KX™250F rocketed off the line each and every moto and earn the “Best of the Best” Award that goes to the most successful rider of the week. Burns now sets his sights on carrying that momentum over to Loretta’s where he hopes to take home two more titles in the Open Pro Sport and 250 A classes.

“It was a dream week,” said Burns. “I was feeling awesome both mentally and physically and my Kawasaki was amazing. I got great starts and was able to go 12 for 12. I had a lot of fun on the track, it was rough and rutted and really separated guys. I’m looking to get a ride after Loretta’s so I just want to keep going, stay consistent and be up front.”

Taking the Lead
Cantrell has shown flashes of speed all year long on his KX™85 and at Ponca he was able to put all the pieces together. Starting the week with good lap times in practice, Cantrell was able to jump out to the early lead in his first moto and build a decent gap on his way to the win. Feeling confident, he was able to carry that over to all three of his classes resulting in three championships. Cantrell shifts his focus to Loretta’s where he will compete in the Mini Sr. 12-14 Stock and Mod classes.

“Once I won that first moto, I was really excited for the rest of the week,” said Cantrell. “Confidence is a big part of the racing and I felt really good. The track was awesome and I had a lot of fun battling for wins. Loretta’s is all about consistency and the track suits my style, I always have the speed there.”

Road to Loretta’s
Ponca City leads directly into the largest race in amateur motocross. Loretta Lynn’s AMA Amateur National Motocross Championship takes place July 31st - August 4th in Hurricane Mills, Tenn., where 233 Kawasaki riders will compete for top honors in the sport.

“Ponca was a great warm-up for Loretta’s,” said Burns. “I was able to get ready for the heat, the long motos, and get in that race mindset behind the gate. You can practice as much as you want, but racing is always a different story.”

Ponca City Amateur Motocross Championships
Ponca City, Okla.
July 21-28, 2012

Austin Burns – 250 A (1-1-1)
Austin Burns – 250 Pro Sport (1-1-1)
Austin Burns – 450 A (1-1-1)
Austin Burns – 450 Pro Sport (1-1-1)
Sean Cantrell – 85 12-13 Stock (1-1-1)
Sean Cantrell – Jr Mini 9-13 (1-2-1)
Sean Cantrell – Sr Mini 12-14 (1-1-1)
Buddy Wentworth – Four Stroke Open (3-1-1)
Jake Lyon – College 16-24 (1-3-3)
Kevin Seamans – 35+ (3-2-1)
Zach Teno – 250 C Stock (2-1)

Second-Place Finishes
Dana Fisher – 30+ (1-3-2)
Dana Fisher – 35+ (2-4-2)
Steve Daugherty – 45+ (2-2-2)
Daniel Mills – 450 C Mod (5-2-2)
Dylan Tighe – 450 C Stock (5-1-2)
Steve Daugherty – 50+ (2-2-1)
Buddy Wentworth – Open Amateur 2-Stroke (3-3-3)

Third-Place Finishes
Darian Sanayei – Schoolboy 2 (3-4-5)
Cody Coffey – 250 C Mod (5-3)
Kevin Seamans – 30+ (2-2-2)
Code Supernaw – 450 A (3-3-4)
Jake Lyon – 450 B Stock (4-5-3)
Cody Coffey – 450 C Mod (1-6-3)
Zach Teno – 450 C Stock (1-4-4)
Cole Supernaw – 450 Pro Sport (3-3-3)
Joshua Henley – Four Stroke Open (4-5-4)
Wyatt Fowler – Schoolboy 1 (3-3-4)

Source: Kawasaki USA

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