2012-07-09 09:53
Team Suzuki Català has won the 24 Horas Frigo de Motociclismo race at the Montmelo cicuit in Catalunya, Spain with a total of 736 laps aboard their GSX-R1000 Suzuki, beating Yamaha Folch Endurance by one lap - after recovering from a broken chain and running out of fuel!

Team riders Del Amor, Casas, Bonastre and Alarcos led virtually every lap of 18th Anniversary event to score their sixth victory aboard the Suzuki Spain and Dunlop-supported GSX-R1000.

Watched by more than 23,000 spectators, Suzuki Català took the lead early on when Yamaha Folch Endurance rider David Checa crashed and then in the early hours of Sunday morning stopped on the main straight; which led to his disqualification.

Team Suzuki's victory wasn't without drama as Javi Del Amor ran out petrol just as he was due in for a fuel pit stop. He had to push the GSX-R1000 back to the pits; which cost the team more than three laps, reducing the lead over Yamaha Folch from eight laps to four. And then a broken chain cost them a further two laps, reducing the gap between the two top teams even closer, but a smooth run to the finish ensured victory for the Spanish team in one of the closest-ever finishes.

Said Team Manager Eduard Català's: "This victory has been hard work and hard fought, both by the riders and the whole team, but the support of Suzuki and Dunlop has been excellent and I would like to dedicate this victory to them."

Source: Team Suzuki Press Office

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