Appeal of team Pons 40 HP Tuenti

2012-06-27 18:18
The International Disciplinary Court (CDI) chaired by Judge Frantisek Schulmann, convened a
Hearing today at the TT Assen Circuit to judge the Appeal lodged by the team of the Spanish
rider Pol Espargaró against a decision of the FIM Stewards taken following the Moto2 race of
the Grand Premi Aperol held on the circuit of Catalunya on 03 June 2012.

Rider Marc Márquez, #93, was initially sanctioned by the Race Direction with a 1-minute time
penalty to be added to his overall time for infringement of Article 1.21.2 of the Road Racing
World Championship Grand Prix regulations. As a result, he finished with rank 23.

Upon an Appeal lodged by rider Márquez before the FIM Stewards against the decision of the
Race Direction and after having viewed and reviewed many times the collision between the
riders Márquez and Espargaró, the three FIM Stewards unanimously decided that the
behaviour of Marc Márquez showed no deliberate intention to cause an accident.
Consequently, the first appeal body composed of the three FIM Stewards quashed the
decision of the Race Direction.

Following the FIM Stewards’ decision, the team of rider Espargaró, Pons 40 HP Tuenti, lodged
in due time an Appeal against the FIM Stewards’ decision. Following today’s Hearing of the
Appellant and due consideration having been given to all arguments and to videos of the
collision, the CDI judge decided to receive but then to dismiss the appeal of the Team Pons
40 HP Tuenti.

A reasoned decision will be notified to the Appellant in due time. An Appeal against this
decision may be lodged before the Court of Arbitration of Sport (CAS) within five days
following the notification of the written Appeal to the team Pons 40 HP Tuenti.

Source: FIM

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