2012-06-25 11:19
Suzuki GRANDys duo dominated at the third round of the Polish Superbike Championship at Poznan in Poland at the weekend, winning every class in Sunday's second-leg races.

After mixed results on Saturday - where Daniel Bukowski and Marko Jerman took victory their races but GRANDys duo team-mates Andy Meklau, Szymon Strankowski and Mariusz Durynek all failed to finish - Sunday saw a clean-sweep of the Supersport, Superstock 1000, Superbike and newly-introduced Formula X-Treme classes by the GSX-R-mounted riders.

Suzuki's day of domination started with Bukowski putting his GSX-R600 on the top step of the Supersport podium; the reigning Polish Champion repeating his faultless ride from Saturday's first race and also closing the gap on Championship leader Marek Szkopek to just 17 points. Team mate Strankowski also rode a good race and was fourth overall.

The combined Superbike and Superstock 1000 class was dominated by Meklau who led from start to finish. And in the Superbike class Jerman took his third victory in a row to increase his lead in the Polish Championship to 42 points.

Jacek Grandys - Team Manager:

"I am very happy because today we confirmed that we are the best in our Country. I wish all races this season were as successful, but the season is long and anything can happen. We just need to make up for the disappointment we had in Slovakia.

"Today we celebrated the successes, but tomorrow we will prepare for the next round at Most in the Czech Republic. Next week on July 3rd-4th we are holding a track day at the Slovakiaring and inviting all riders who wish to take part in our team track day."

Sunday Results:

Supersport: 1 Daniel Bukowski (GRANDys duo Suzuki), 2 Marek Szkopek, 3 Sebastian Zielinski, 4 Szymon Strankowski (GRANDys duo Suzuki), 5 Natalia Florek.

Superstock 1000: 1 Andy Meklau (GRANDys duo Suzuki), 2 Gwen Giabbani, 3 Michal Filla, 4 Mariusz Kondratowicz, 5 Bartek Wiczynski (GRANDys duo Suzuki).

Superbike: 1 Marko Jerman (GRANDys duo Suzuki), 2 Irek Sikora, 3 Janusz Oskaldowicz, 4 Bartek Lewandowski, 5 Waldek Chelkowski. DNF: Tomek Serafin (GRANDys duo Suzuki). DNS Mariusz Durynek (GRANDys duo Suzuki).

GRANDys duo Formula X-Treme: 1 Andy Meklau (GRANDys duo Suzuki), 2 Gwen Giabbani, 3 Michal Filla, 4 Marko Jerman (GRANDys duo Suzuki), 5 Irek Sikora. 8 Bartek Wiczynski (GRANDys duo Suzuki). DNF Tomek Serafin (GRANDys duo Suzuki). DNS Mariusz Durynek (GRANDys duo Suzuki).

Overall Points:

Supersport: 1 Marek Szkopek 83 pts, 2 Daniel Bukowski (GRANDys duo Suzuki) 66 pts, 3 Sebastian Zielinski 38 pts. 12 Szymon Strankowski (GRANDys duo Suzuki) 15 pts (1st Junior).

Superbike: 1 Marko Jerman (GRANDys duo Suzuki) 94 pts, 2 Irek Sikora 52 pts, 3 Janusz Oskaldowicz 43pts. 9 Andy Meklau (GRANDys duo Suzuki) 20 pts. 24 Tomek Serafin (GRANDys duo Suzuki) 8 pts.

Superstock 1000: 1 Michal Filla 87 pts, 2 Gwen Giabbani 63 pts, 3 Mariusz Kondratowicz 51 pts. 5 Andy Meklau (GRANDys duo Suzuki) 40 pts. 6 Bartek Wiczynski (GRANDys duo Suzuki) 36 pts.

GRANDys duo Formula X-Treme: 1 Marko Jerman (GRANDys duo Suzuki) 38 pts, 2 Michal Filla 32 pts, 3 Irek Sikora 31 pts, 4 Andy Meklau (GRANDys duo Suzuki) 26 pts. 9 Bartek Wiczynski (GRANDys duo Suzuki) 17 pts. 18 Tomasz Serafin (GRANDys duo Suzuki) 1 pts.

Manufacturer Classification:

Superbike: 1 Suzuki GRANDys duo 122 pts, 2 BMW Sikora Motorsport 68 pts, 3 BMW Petronas 32 pts.

Superstock 1000: 1 Suzuki GRANDys duo 75 pts, 2 BMW Sikora Motorsport 69 pts, 3 Motul Junak Ubojnia Kondratowicz Team 54 pts.

Supersport: 1 Team Recykl 121 pts, 2 Suzuki GRANDys duo 81 pts, 3 1 pts.

Source: Team Suzuki Press Office

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