KTM sanctions factory rider Jeffrey Herlings over behavioral issues

2012-06-11 13:17
KTM Motorsports Department has announced that they intend to sanction MX2 factory rider Jeffrey Herlings over certain behavioral issues that occurred during the past two MX2 GP race weekends.

Head of KTM Motorsports Pit Beirer made the announcement on Monday and said the Dutch teenager would receive a fine and a warning!

“While Jeffrey’s behavior was unacceptable we do understand that he was under pressure at the time and we hope that this will be a valuable lesson for him and will help him in his future as a factory rider.” Beirer added that the company felt the sanctions were necessary to send a strong signal to the KTM rider, but also to show respect towards the team’s well-respected competitors in the championship.

Herlings also said he was sorry and that he recognized that the incidents had shown him in a bad light. “I realize that my behavior was out of line and I accept the sanctions,” he said. “I have to remember that I’m a role model for aspiring young riders and I should to behave in a way that they respect me as a person as well as an athlete. Because of this I have asked KTM to donate the money from my fine to an appropriate children’s charity.”

Herlings, who currently leads the MX2 championship, said he would try to deal with any further incidents by being less headstrong and emotional. He said in future he would do his best to behave in way that reflects his position as factory rider in one of the sport’s most recognized professional teams.

Source: KTM

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