2012-05-27 11:03
Toni Bou – Repsol Montesa HRC declared his weekend “perfect” after winning both days and scoring maximum points at round two of the 2012 FIM Trial World Championship, held in Mount Terrengower, Australia. The victory saw Bou onboard his factory Cota 4RT extend his lead in the championship over Adam Raga - Gas Gas to sixteen points, giving the Catalan the rare luxury of a double-point cushion after just four days of competition. Bou’s team mate, Takahisa Fujinami - Repsol Montesa, grabbed a podium on day two and was disappointed not to have done the same on the first day of the GP, when an intermittent electrical fault dented his rhythm and saw him slip back to fourth place, courtesy of a tiebreak with Albert Cabestany - Sherco.

It was the first time the series had travelled to Australia and the riders were in for a real treat. The course, which saw them traverse large granite outcrops on the western edge of Mount Tarrengower in Victoria, was given a unanimous thumbs-up by the World’s elite. The sections were difficult, but not impossible and this, combined with a passionate crowd, proved a compelling cocktail. As debuts go it was a first class effort by the Australian organisers and both Bou and Fujinami are excited about returning next year.

Drizzle and light rain made the going on Saturday tough as the temperature dropped to ten degrees. The slippery rocks did little to deter Bou on his factory four stroke machine though, as he dropped just seventeen marks on lap one and seven on lap two to finish the day a full thirty marks clear of second-placed Raga. It gave Bou all the confidence he needed going into Sunday, where once again he was in fantastic form. A dry course made the hazards easier, but Bou still finished nine marks clear of runner-up Jeroni Fajardo - Beta to claim his second victory in as many days.

Fujinami’s weekend was less smooth. He rode well on day one, but an electrical problem affected his confidence. After a good first lap that saw him behind only Bou, he lost marks during the second circulation and finished tied with Cabestany. The Spaniard was gifted the final podium place courtesy of scoring more cleans than Fujigas. Day two proved better, as the Japanese rider rode two consistent laps to earn the third place finish that he was robbed of twenty-four hours earlier.

Both riders will now pack their bags and head straight to Japan as the 2012 FIM Trial World Championship prepares for its third successive two-day event at the fantastic Twin Ring Circuit at Motegi. Naturally, Fujinami will want to impress his home crowd with a solid performance while Bou will be intent on putting more distance between himself and arch rival Raga in the series standings.


Toni Bou (Repsol Montesa)
Trial result: 1st / 1st Championship position: 1st
“This was a fantastic weekend for me, not only did I win the GP, but Raga was fourth on day two, so I extended my lead in the championship to sixteen points after two rounds. I am delighted with this – it was a perfect weekend. I am also very happy because it was a great trial for the riders. It was quite difficult on Saturday as some of the sections were slippery because of the rain. On Sunday it was a little easier, but it was still an excellent race for all the riders. The fans in Australia have been amazing too. It is a long way to come here, but they certainly made up for it, each section was bustling with spectators and they were really supportive and passionate. I had a great time in Australia, it was a fantastic weekend for me personally, and it was a fantastic event.”

Takahisa Fujinami (Repsol Montesa)
Trial result: 4th / 3rd Championship position: 5th
“I started very well on Saturday and I was feeling good. I was second behind Bou after the first lap and I was riding well. I started the second lap with a similar rhythm too, but then I started to have a few problems with my bike’s engine and I lost my confidence a little. I was very disappointed because I felt I should have got a podium on Saturday. Fortunately I had a good first lap on Sunday, and again I was feeling okay. We made some slight changes to the power delivery for the second lap and I lost my feeling a little. However, I am happy with the podium. This was my first time in Australia, but I am very happy coming here, it was a great experience and the sections were very good. Now I am looking forward to my home Grand Prix in Japan next weekend.”





1/ Toni BOU / SPA / MONTESA / 24
2/ Adam RAGA / SPA / GAS GAS / 54
3/ Albert CABESTANY / SPA / SHERCO / 65 (13x0)
4/ Takahisa FUJINAMI / JPN / MONTESA / 65 (11x0)
5/ Jeroni FAJARDO / SPA / BETA / 79
6/ Daniel OLIVERAS / SPA / OSSA / 105 (4x0)
7/ James DABILL / GBR / BETA / 105 (2x0)
8/ Loris GUBIAN / FRA / GAS GAS / 116
9/ Jack CHALLONER / GBR / BETA / 118
10/ Michael BROWN / GBR / GAS GAS / 119
11/ Pere BORRELLAS / SPA / GAS GAS / 125
12/ Matteo GRATTAROLA / ITA / GAS GAS / 132
13/ Alexz WIGG / GBR / GAS GAS / 134



1/ Toni BOU / SPA / MONTESA / 10
2/ Jeroni FAJARDO / SPA / BETA / 19
3/ Takahisa FUJINAMI / JPN / MONTESA / 31
4/ Adam RAGA / SPA / GAS GAS / 33
5/ Albert CABESTANY / SPA / SHERCO / 35
6/ James DABILL / GBR / BETA / 45
7/ Jack CHALLONER / GBR / BETA / 62
8/ Matteo GRATTAROLA / ITA / GAS GAS / 75
9/ Loris GUBIAN / FRA / GAS GAS / 78
10/ Daniel OLIVERAS / SPA / OSSA / 83
11/ Michael BROWN / GBR / GAS GAS / 91
12/ Pere BORRELLAS / SPA / GAS GAS / 102
13/ Alexz WIGG / GBR / GAS GAS / 108

1 BOU 77, 2 RAGA 61, 3 FAJARDO 58, 4 CABESTANY 56, 5 FUJINAMI 52,
6 DABILL 39, 7 CHALLONER 32, 8 GUBIAN 28, 9 OLIVERAS 27, 10 BROWN 27, 11 GRATTAROLA 26, 12 BORRELLAS 14, 13 WIGG 13, 14 KARLSSON 4, 15 TOURNOUR 3.


Source: Honda Pro Image

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