Fixi Crescent Suzuki back to full strength

2012-05-22 10:14

I am happy we’re improving and I feel we’re getting better and better each time out. Everybody in the team has been working their socks off and now we’re seeing the results of all the hard work and definitely making progress.

Miller is a bit of a strange track and, because it is so high up, the bikes always feel as if they are down on power. It’s not a difficult circuit but, like all tracks, you need a good bike set-up if you want good results - especially on the long corners. I really like Miller and it has been a good track for me. I was on the podium last year and I’d be very happy if I could do that again this year.


It was a pity that I had to miss Donington because I think I would have been very competitive there. Certainly, in Assen and Monza, I felt very comfortable with the bike and my hand wasn’t giving me any problems at all. The bike has definitely improved since my first time on it and I know that there's more to come.

Although, I’m not going to be 100% in Miller, I am going there to give it my best shot. I’ve never raced at Miller before, but I have been there as a spectator and even done a lap - in a golf cart! I know some areas that are not so easy to learn, but I've always been somebody who adapts to circuits pretty well, so I think I’ll get it dialled in pretty quickly. Racing at home is always a bit special and I am looking forward to the weekend and performing well in front of my fans.

Source: Crescent Motorcycle

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