Dunlop Announces More Buffalo-Made Race Tires

2012-05-08 01:58
As the next step in its ongoing commitment to advancing the level of road-racing technology in the USA, Dunlop is proud to announce its newest developments in race tires: the new 7455 race compound, which will be available in the 190/60ZR17 D211 GP-A and the 200/55R17 KR449 slick tire. This new compound for the KR449 is currently available, while the 190/60ZR17 D211 GP-A will be available in mid-May for testing by competitors in the AMA’s Daytona SportBike and SuperSport classes prior to the first racing use at the May 26 Miller Motorsport Park round of the AMA championship. These racing tires will be sold through Race Tire Service.

The 7455 racing compound is a new compound developed and produced in Dunlop’s Buffalo, NY facility. “This new compound offers enhanced grip and is the next advancement versus the existing 5436 compound,” says Sabastian Mincone, Dunlop Senior Road Race Manager. “We are very proud of the racing performance this tire can deliver, and we are confident that racers in America will give this new option a warm welcome.”

Source: Dunlop

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