Gadson and McBride to appear on motorcycle show "CAFE RACER"

2012-04-17 13:57
On Thursday April 26th on the VELOCITY channel (Discovery's sport network) watch the hit motorcycle show "CAFE RACER"!! What is soon to be known as the "Dynamic Duo"- winningest "Top fuel" motorcycle drag racer in the world Larry Spiderman McBride and winningest "Professional" drag racer in AMA Rickey Gadson will team up on an episode of "Cafe Racer". Larry will bring his tuning expertise and knowledge of vintage bikes into the show while "hire gun" Rickey Gadson pulls the trigger and pilots a very interesting vintage motorcycle. Check your local listings. Season Premier of "Cafe Racer" airs Thursday 4/19.

Source: Rickey Gadson

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