KTM Enduro factory riders continue to spearhead national efforts in the ISDE World Tr

2010-11-05 09:13
France, Italy, Finland and the USA are currently ranked in that order in the prestigious World Trophy at the 85th Edition of the ISDE Six Days Enduro in Morelia, Mexico. Prominent KTM Enduro factory team riders continue to drive their teams forward in the competition.

With just two days left to ride, France is now the absolute favorite to retain the World title and KTM's Johnny Aubert has been at the forefront of their efforts. Aubert has won the E2 category on all four days so far, which makes him the outstanding individual competitor of the 2010 edition. He currently leads the class standings by four and a half minutes.

Italy has a strong contingent of KTM riders with Thomas Oldrati, second behind Aubert in E1 standings, Simone Albergoni and Alessandro Belometti, respectively fourth and fifth in the E3 overalls. They trail France by some 7.5 minutes at this stage of the race. The battle for the minor places between Italy and third placed Finland is still far from decided with just 18 seconds separating the two teams in the aggregate times.

KTM's Eero Remes is riding well in E1 and is currently second in the standings, an effort that has helped Finland stay in third overall. Remes is also just 24 seconds behind class leader Antoine Meo, drawing tight battle lines for the remaining two days. Finland also has a second KTM rider in Oskari Kantoninen, while KTM's Kurt Caselli and Mike Brown are driving Team USA forward in fourth place. Caselli is currently fourth in E1 and Brown is seventh, followed by teammate Ian Blythe in eighth.

Spain continues to dominate the Junior Trophy team competition, with KTM's Lorenzo Santolino and Mario Roman making a major contribution that has put them ahead by five minutes overall. Meanwhile USA and Sweden are locked in battle for the minor places.

Heat and dust have been tough opponents for all riders at the Mexican event and eventually managed to win over Team USA competitor Cory Buttrick who earlier in the week hit a tree stump in bad visibility and had to return with bruises and abrasions. On Day 4 riders tackled the same route as the previous day, being forced to weave their way through a rock strewn track. In another test of endurance, the cloud cover of the previous day that brought some respite from the heat dissipated leaving them to face another scorcher.

Results Day 4 ISDE Morelia Mexico
World Trophy
1, France - including KTM's Johnny Aubert
2, Italy - including KTM's Thomas Oldrati, Simone Albergoni and Alessandro Belometti
3, Finland - including KTM's Eero Remes
4, USA - Including KTM's Kurt Caselli and Mike Brown
5, Poland

Junior Trophy
1, Spain - with KTM's Mario Roman and Lorenzo Santolino
2, Sweden
3, USA
4, France

Manufacturer's Trophy
1, KTM 1 - with Aubert, Remes and Caselli
2, Husqvarna CH Racing
3, KTM 2 - with Belometti, Oldrati and Albergoni
4, Husaberg 1
5, KTM Intersports - with Kantolinen, Roman and Santolino
Other KTM
7, KTM Italia
10, KTM Mexico
12, KTM 3 (Mike Brown, Ian Blythe, Cory Buttrick - note Cory no longer riding after a fall that left him with bruises and abrasions

Progressive Individual Class Results
1, Antoine Mo, France, Husqvarna
2, Eero Remes, Finland, KTM
3, Alex Salvini, Italy, Husqvarna
4, Kurt Caselli, USA KTM
5, Jari Mattila, Finland, Honda
Other KTM
6, Antii Helsen, Finland, KTM
7. Mike Brown, USA, KTM
8, Ian Blythe, USA, KTM
11, Mario Roman, Spain, KTM

1, Johnny Aubert, France, KTM (Aubert has won E2 for all of the 4 days of the competition so far)
2, Thomas Oldrati, Italy, KTM
3, Juha Salminen Finland, Husqvarna
4, Manual Monni, Italy, Yamaha
5, Rodrig Thain, France, TM

1, Sebastien Guillaume, France, Husqvarna
2, Oriol Mena, Spain, Husaberg
3, Christoph Nambotin Gas-Gas
4, Simone Albergoni, Italy, KTM
5, Alessandro Belometti, Italy, KTM
6, Homero Diaz, Mexico, KTM

Source: KTM-Sportmotorcycle AG

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