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Munich. - The powerful troupe representing the Team BMW Motorrad Motorsport at the 13th Erzberg Rodeo in Eisenerz, Austria, lived up to its reputation. Between June 7th and 10th, General Manager BMW Motorrad Motorsport Berti Hauser's team secured outright victory both in the so-called King's Class and the Iron Road Prologue.

In ideal weather conditions, Chris Pfeiffer (GER), Simo Kirssi (FIN), Micky Dymond (USA) and the brothers Greg and Gary Trachy (USA) entered the prestigious race of the high-capacity 2-cylinder King's Class on the BMW HP2 Enduro.

With a lead of around 4 seconds over last year's winner David Knight (GBR) of KTM, Flying Finn Simo Kirssi was able to assert himself against tough competition and went on to win the two-heat race. World Streetbike Freestyle champion Chris Pfeiffer achieved an outstanding 7th place, while Supermoto pros Micky Dymond and Greg and Gary Trachy were pleased to finish 6th, 8th and 15th. The three Americans thus successfully celebrated their Erzberg debut and took the opportunity to train for the legendary Pikes Peak Mountain Race which will be held this July.

The Friday and Saturday were devoted to the Iron Road Prologue, as is traditional. The "Iron Giant" was hot and dusty in the bright sunshine. More than 1,300 riders from 24 nations took up the challenge and attempted the race, with some of the top motorcyclists reaching speeds of over 175 km/h.

Once again, two times Prologue winner and clear favourite Simo Kirssi dominated the proceedings - and he actually managed his hat trick. With times of 00:09:01.06 min and 00:08:44.03 min, Simo mastered the approx. 14 km gravel and rubble track on his BMW HP2 Enduro, for the third time winning a race which places an enormous strain on both man and machine. Successful performances on the BMW HP2 Enduro were also given by Micky Dymond (4th), Chris Pfeiffer (8th) and Gary Trachy (18th).

Over the two days, Chris Pfeiffer was could be seen winding his way up the mountain a total of four times: the four times Hare Scramble winner qualified for the infamous Hare Scramble Race on Sunday on the prototype of the 450 sports enduro, as did last year's runner-up Andreas Lettenbichler (GER).

"We have nothing to lose, we can only learn," said BMW Motorrad Motor Racing Director Berti Hauser before the event, commenting on the strategy for Chris Pfeiffer and Andi Lettenbichler. Both started the Erzberg Rodeo from the front line. Only the 500 best riders of the Prologue qualify for this tough and highly challenging off-road race with its many steep climbs, drops and numerous other obstacles.

Successful though the single-cylinder performance was at race entries over recent weeks, the mountain certainly took its toll here. Two cases of accident damage and one technical problem put an end to BMW's winning streak at the 2007 Erzberg Rodeo. Shortly afterwards the race organizers abandoned the race due to a thunderstorm.

Simo Kirssi once again captivated spectators on this occasion: the Finn mastered the difficult track up to the fifth of 15 checkpoints on the BMW HP2 Enduro.

Berti Hauser, Sports Director of BMW Motorrad Motorsport: "All I can say is: we are thrilled. The team and the riders have done sensational work, without which none of this would have been possible. Perfect tactics, discipline, unlimited commitment, team spirit and an outstanding performance on the part of the riders and the HP2 have made this success possible. Of course we would have like to have achieved a positive result in the Hare Scramble, but one ought to see this result and the insights gained from it as a good outcome overall. After all, we are still in the testing phase with the sports enduro."

Results: 2007 Erzberg Rodeo

King's Class

1. Simo Kirssi (FIN) BMW HP2 Enduro
2. David Knight (GBR) KTM 950 Superenduro
3. Werner Müller (AUT) KTM 950 Superenduro
4. Giovanni Sala (ITA) KTM 950 Superenduro
5. Marc Coma (ITA) KTM 950 Superenduro
6. Micky Dymond (USA) BMW HP2 Enduro
7. Chris Pfeiffer (DE) BMW HP2 Enduro
8. Greg Trachy (USA) BMW HP2 Enduro
9. Klaus Martinjak (AUT) Aprilia 550 RXV
10. Peter Bachler (AUT) Aprilia 550
15. Gary Trachy (USA) BMW HP2 Enduro

Prologue - overall ranking

1. Simo Kirssi (FIN) BMW HP2 Enduro
2. Werner Müller(AUT) KTM 950 Superenduro
3. Juha Salminen (FIN) KTM 300 EXC
4. Micky Dymond (USA) BMW HP2 Enduro
5. Giovanni Sala (ITA) KTM 950 Superenduro
6. Bernhard Walzer (AUT) KTM 300
7. Werner Müller (AUT) KTM 300
8. Chris Pfeiffer (GER) BMW HP2 Enduro
9. Marco Tarkkala (FIN) KTM 450 EXC
10. Paul Edmondson (GBR) Suzuki 250 RM
11. Chris Pfeiffer (GER) BMW 450
18. Gary Trachy (USA) BMW HP2 Enduro
19. Andi Lettenbichler (GER) BMW 450

Hare Scramble

1. Tadeuz Bzazusiak (POL) KTM 250 EXC
2. Tom Sager (GBR) KTM 250 EXC
3. Juha Salminen (FIN) KTM 300 EXC
4. Wayne Braybrook (GBR) GasGas 300 EC
5. Paul Edmondson (GBR) Suzuki 250 RM
6. Gerhard Forster (GER) Beta 525
7. Paul Bolton (GBR) Honda 250 CR
8. Marco Tarkkala (FIN) KTM 450 EXC
9. Kyle Redmond (USA) KTM 250 2T
10. Ralf Scheidhauer (GER) KTM 250 EXC

Source: BMW Motorrad

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