SPEED just approved to pilot a new program: SPEED RECORDS.

2007-03-19 12:48
THE TEXAS MILE will be the proving grounds.

AT THE TEXAS MILE on MARCH 24-25, 2007, our participants will get a shot to be featured in the pilot show. Kevin Deane, of OakVille Lane Productions out of California will be at this Texas Mile with a preliminary crew to gather video and audio footage. His team will also capture the stories behind the folks who have made the trek to the Texas Mile to set their own personal speed records or to go after top speeds.


To get your best shot at gaining the attention of OakVille Lane Productions and the possibility of being featured in the pilot, you need to do the following:

1. Make sure you are entered into MARCH 24-25, 2007 TEXAS MILE and sign all required waivers.
We will be sending out confirmations on late Wednesday evening (March 21).

2. Submit a profile on you or team/club: Your general data - name, age, family info, contact information, career, hobbies, where you have traveled from, etc. Your Motorsports background - how the heck you got addicted to this in the first place and "racing resume". Your team/club information if you are part of a team/club. Picture(s)/Video would be great as well of you or team/club. Highlight anything that you feel might be helpful in setting yourself or team/club a part from others and make a good "human interest story".

3. Submit a profile on your car, motorcycle or land speed racing vehicle: Year, Make, Model, Modifications, Fuel/Gas running, etc. Tell us any interesting stories in regards to the build or preparation of your vehicle/motorcycle. Pictures/Video are great as well.

4. Tell us why you think that you or your team/club should be featured or shown in the pilot of SPEED RECORDS. Keep in mind that you do not have to be just going after the top speeds. You could be going after a "personal best" speed record, a classification speed record, a first ever speed record, etc. Be creative when you are writing about this.

Please send all profiles and submission to Public Information Officer: TJ Aulds at info@nasatx.com. For any clarifications, please send an e-mail to that same e-mail or call Shannon Matus at 281-802-9863.

Source: SPEED

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