Dow Corning® Active Protection System grabs attention of ESPN

2007-02-03 10:00
ESPN invites Dow Corning to participate in Super Bowl NEXT event

ESPN the Magazine recently invited Dow Corning Corporation, a world leader in innovative silicone technology solutions, to feature its new impact protection technology at this year's Super Bowl in Miami, Florida.

The event (called NEXT) takes place on Friday, February 2, 2007, in Miami's Design District and features everything that's cutting edge in the world of sports, from fashion to technology. The extravaganza will encompass two square blocks and host over 3,000 of the sports industry's biggest VIPs and trendsetters - team owners, athletes, celebrities, coaches, and top consumer goods executives.

The event will provide the opportunity for Dow Corning to promote its patented Dow Corning® Active Protection System, a "smart" fabric treated with a specially formulated silicone coating. The fabric remains soft and flexible under normal conditions, but when struck by high-impact force, the material instantly becomes rigid to help protect the wearer against injury. When the impact is over, the material immediately becomes flexible again.

"For years, athletes and outdoor enthusiasts have sought high-performance sports apparel and equipment that protect them against high-energy impacts without sacrificing flexibility, breathability, or ease of use," says Nigel Ryan, Active Protection Program Leader for Dow Corning. "We're very pleased that the staff of ESPN the Magazine recognized the ground-breaking innovation of this product and asked us to be part of this exciting, high-profile event."

Because it is a fabric, the Active Protection System marks a pioneering advancement in impact protection. It offers a unique combination of benefits that are particularly suitable for use in high-performance protective apparel and equipment:

- It is very breathable and flexible for outstanding comfort and freedom of movement.
- It can be stitched directly into garments, making it less likely to shift or move under impact like rigid armor can.
- It is less bulky than hard armor, allowing for many creative and fashionable design possibilities.

The high-performance sports apparel market is responding enthusiastically to this new innovation in protective fabric that became commercially available only recently. In October 2006, Rukka, a Finland-based manufacturer of sports apparel, launched the first commercially available product to use Active Protection System fabric, a motorcycle riding suit. Many other U.S. and European sports apparel and equipment producers are currently evaluating the use of the Active Protection System as well.

"We believe Active Protection System fabric is the most effective and versatile personal impact protection technology available today. The possible applications are virtually unlimited," adds Ryan.

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Source: The Dow Chemical Company and Corning, Incorporated

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