2007-02-03 08:21
After several months of discussions about the sudden termination of their MotoGP cooperation in November last year, Japanese motorcycle giant Kawasaki and Harald Eckl have solved their dispute. Following apologies from the side of Eckl for the situation that resulted in the termination by Kawasaki, negotiations followed in Japan and Kawasaki and Eckl worked out a solution.

They both declared that the negotiations had been "constructive" and they stated to be "happy that further legal escalation could be avoided". They agreed that further information about the deal would not be disclosed.

Kawasaki in the meantime is preparing for the first MotoGP race in Qatar in March with a new - "in house" - factory team.

Harald Eckl: "I'm really happy that after years of cooperation this could now finally be brought to a good end. I wish Kawasaki all the success for the future".

Source: Kawasaki Racing Team Press Office

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