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Needs a job
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posted April 27, 2012 03:52 PM        Edited By: gilberjj on 28 Apr 2012 06:43
Jorgen's farewell thread

Hey everyone, I'm just about done parting my bike out and I wanted to create a "memories" thread of all I've experienced since first purchasing my 06 passion red zx14. I've thoroughly enjoyed my time here and learned a lot. Thanks for all the memories!

Memory lane:

Back in 08 when I snagged my 06 zx14. It was a great deal, I was looking for a good deal and randomly called a dealership about a used 06, the used bike ended up not being what I wanted, but the salesperson told me about a bike they just picked up from a dealer auction (apparently a dealer went bust in 06 and they had this bike still in a cart). They had just got it in (it was still in the crate). I showed up just as they were finishing putting it together. The technician took it around the block, I signed a few papers, and just like that I had my first street bike! I got it for a smoking deal, $8750 out the door. Here's a couple pics shortly after I got it...

Then began my obsession with changing out exhausts. I got my first exhaust (just like all my exhausts after that too now that I think about it) in the classifieds section for a very good deal ($400 shipped).
Back then not everybody agreed that it was best to take out the flies. People had me scared that it would be too much power. I remember talking to Greg at HPC, and he finally said "JUST PULL THE DANG FLIES, YOU'LL NEVER REGRET IT." So, I picked up a pciii usb (used and for a good deal of course), and pulled the suckers. Sure enough, I was very glad I pulled the flies. I found the bike much easier to ride, and it had a bunch more power down low.


Tsukigi sound clip

Stock height and length, 10.14@142

I also had a shortened Tsukigi muffler that I got from Greg at HPC. It was mainly just for fun..... Here are a couple pics and videos.

Dyno video (165ish whp). I'm the guy in the grey shirt behind the bike.

Then I sold the Tsukigi and picked up a Muzzy m10. At the time I didn't know the difference between the regular, and the m14 header..... Oh well, the m10 sounded great, but I think it actually made a bit less power than the Tsukigi.

This is actually one of my favorite pictures. I bought my bike when I was still in college, and I literally lived with my bike for 2 years. Forgive the mess, but respect commitment!


At this point, I decided to lower the bike and get a little more serious about drag racing the bike. I didn't want to extend it because I really enjoyed riding the bike through the mountains. I only got 2 runs on it when it was lowered, but I ran a 9.89@142 the first time out. I thought that was pretty good all things considered.

I don't have any videos of that, but I have a bunch of street videos.....

Here's a funny wheelie compilation video...

I had always wanted a Brocks alien head, so as soon as I was able to find a good deal, I picked one up and unloaded the Muzzy m10. Here are some pics

The ol' brocks vs muzzys dyno comparison. FYI: I firmly believe Sticks' (Tracey's) bike just makes more power and the Muzzy and Brocks systems are pretty similar. At another dyno shootout, a Muzzy m14 equipped 08 zx14 made 164 (the same dyno shootout where my Tsukigi made 165), and Sticks identically equipped 06 m14 made 171.... go figure. Oh well.... Here's the video

I remember riding the bike home from the race track after some bracket racing (at stock height again), and anything over 20 minutes on the bike gave my right ear some pain. The alien head looked awesome, sounded awesome and made great power, but this was still a street bike. I began looking for another exhaust system. I struck a deal with Jesse James (aka Jesse Milano), and he traded me his Orient Express low mount. This system is made for Orient Express by Ti-Force out of Japan. This was my favorite street exhaust. It sounded great when I got on it, but it was somewhat docile around town. Exactly what I was looking for!

Here's some pics and vids

Sound clip of the nice Orient Express exhaust

My friend (me filming) riding my zx14 taking it up (close to anyway) the speed limiter. This is going out towards Mt St Helens. If you ever ride in Washington state, this is one of the best rides. Heck, I'd say this is one of the best rides in the nation. Tons of straights like this, and tons of twists, plus WSDOT does a great job of keeping the roads in great shape.

More to come.....

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Needs a job
Friend of Fast
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posted April 27, 2012 03:59 PM        Edited By: gilberjj on 28 Apr 2012 06:39
After riding my bike for about 12k miles in about 18 months, I ran into Johnny Law in spectacular fashion. On my way from Western Washington (where I live) to Eastern Washington (where my parents live) via hwy 12, I found the wrong area to test my bike out. On hwy 12 outside of Randle, Washington is a nice flat straight stretch of road (about 5 miles long). It's in the middle of no-where and I opened it up long and hard. Long story short, the Stater that radared me at 146 mph wasn't very impressed. My bike was impounded and I was arrested. He called my wife and had her convinced I was going to jail for 12 months and I was going to have to pay several thousand dollars in fines. Don't get me wrong, I was doing something stupid, but the Trooper was wrong to get my wife so freaked out. Anyway, I was slammed with a reckless driving ticket (mind you, this is all just one month after my wife and I got married). From that point on, I decided it was time to take the bike off the road and focus on what I really liked doing in a safe environment.... RACING!!! I extended the bike, sold the Orient Express Exhaust, and installed a Brocks sidewinder. The best pass I ever ran was a 9.46@144. I probably got about 150 passes in one summer with this setup. It was a blast! Here are some pics and vids.

Transformation in progress.....

At the track.....

One of my first times out with the extended bike. 9.65@142

Towards the end of the racing season, I came across a really good deal that I couldn't pass up. I found a nearly complete turbo kit for $500 brand new. I had to put together a fuel system, add the turbo and wastegate and it was ready to go! So, I sold my sidewinder, and through on the stock header (no mufflers) to finish the race season. Believe it or not, my bike actually trapped higher (on average) with the stock header, no mufflers, than it did with the Brocks sidewinder..... call me crazy, but it happened.....


I love this video at half-track. I didn't go very fast, but the sound of that bike with no mufflers was awesome enough to give dead mummies a boner!

Over the next winter I decided to get serious about going fast. Obviously my skills (and mph) were down compared to the pros, so I needed a little advantage...... BOOST!!!! I added a bunch more things to my bike as well, drag shock, air shifter, pcv, full swingarm (7-11" over) and a couple other goodies. Here are some of the pics and vids.

Unfortunately, I never got the bike running 100% perfect, so I never took it to the track. I'll forever regret it, and honestly, even now just thinking about it makes me sick to my stomach. It was my perfect bike..... I'll miss it forever!

Here's a dyno video. 252whp, 141lb ft of torque

All in all, it's been a blast! I'll forever remember the memories I made with my first bike. It was an absolute rocket, and I surprised a lot of people in the twisties. It was always 100% reliable and I don't regret a thing...... well actually, I really regret not getting that stupid freakin turbo kit to work correctly, but whatever..... move on..... Thanks everyone for the journey, I'll never forget it!

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posted April 27, 2012 09:34 PM        
Great write up, videos, pix...

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posted April 27, 2012 09:49 PM        
Passion...in pictures and video....


Your pictures, video's and story combine beautifully to describe the things that make the 14 such a special bike.

Well done bro,
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Needs a life
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posted April 27, 2012 09:51 PM        
Well said! Stop by from time to time.

I'm sure another 14 will be in your future!
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posted April 27, 2012 10:09 PM        
Nice thread!
09' ZX14

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Needs a job
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posted April 27, 2012 11:14 PM        
nice thread, i hate you didn't get the turbo worked out too.
Good luck on whatever your next project turns out to be.

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posted April 28, 2012 12:45 AM        
Remember, just because you sell the bike doesn't mean you can't check in from time to time. I sold my 06, and ended up on an 09 within 6 months. You just never know!
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Damn that was Quick
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posted April 28, 2012 02:06 AM        
Excellent tribute to a great bike. I don't think I've ever been that in love with any bike, just as long as I can ride I'm good.
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posted April 28, 2012 02:32 AM        
Nice bike..good read.
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Zone Head
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posted April 28, 2012 02:47 AM        
I can really appreciate this write-up. I really like how you were very much so into your machine. Your love for your bike and motorcycling really shines through. I hope all is well with your license at this point due to that traffic stop. How did the officer have the chance to catch up to you? That's just one thing that was on mind because out here in New York, most police officers don't even come after you unless they were already moving directly behind you. Well, Hopefully you get the new 14R and tear up the streets again.
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posted April 28, 2012 10:12 AM        
VERY nice story...I enjoyed that read alot Thanks for sharing......more of us should do that. And I also ride a turbo 14, they are worth ALL the work needed to get them right......I'll Own mine forever
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Needs a life
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posted April 28, 2012 10:22 AM        
Jorgen's good luck with whatever is coming your way ... Stop in and say hi .... Farewell ..

Smokin Performance Cycles..
Tampa Bay , FL .. Brocks Performance Dealer ..
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