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Needs a life
Full throttle!
posted March 13, 2015 02:32 PM        
Gazette Italy review

And from the italians...


Google translation:

Kawasaki H2 and H2R, sisters monstrous. Onboard to 321 km / h
On track for a Supertest on the two turbo house Akashi. The road from 200 horses and 326 horses pistaiola. Stellar performance demonstrated by the video track in Losail

MARCH 13, 2015 - MILAN

Video link:


Human nature leads us sometimes to try to overcome our limitations. When you think of achieving them always comes something that moves even higher. We are fortunate today to be able to drive the fantastic sport bikes with motors and electronics very advanced. But after the Kawasaki H2 nothing will be as before. Kawasaki wanted to give a demonstration in the field of technological power of an industrial group among the largest in the world. An industrial group capable of building motorcycles, but also hypervelocity trains, ships, robots, airplanes, missiles. To achieve the Ninja H2 were asked to report the best technicians in the group, so that they could take care of the engine, chassis, aerodynamics and turbine. Yes, turbine, because the Kawasaki Ninja H2 (for sale to 25,000 euro) and even more incredible H2R (which costs 50,000 euro) is supercharged with a supercharger capable of reaching the regime stellar 130,000 revolutions and bring it to touch power never before seen on a production bike (although the H2R is not approved) regularly purchased from a dealer. 326 horses with the air box pressure is impressive given that tells what he is capable this bike in its most thrust. A power even greater than that of a MotoGP. Monstrous performance, only "calmierate" in the version approved road that stops at 200 hp (limit that the Japanese were imposed not to exceed approved for motorcycles), but retains all the unique features of this project, from the engine electronics which includes traction control, launch control, ABS and Quickshifter.
ELITE - is an exclusive motorbike to say the least, the H2, not only for performance, but also for how it is made. Every detail, no matter how insignificant it was made ​​just for her and to be functional lens, even the color is not "normal" but obtained with so many layers composed of a paint silver ions that create an incredible effect. Trellis frame and single arm rear and Brembo brakes with 330 mm discs and calipers racing complete the picture of a bike that does not have anything to normal.

RIDING THE ROAD - Although Kawasaki puts it among supersport, the H2 is not properly be understood as such. It is actually a street bike, fast and with a great acceleration because weight and size mean that the track is its ideal habitat, although it is still the safest place to exploit it. It is almost as convenient ZZ-R1400 (another air missiles product to Akashi) but you drive almost like the Ninja 1000, although it is not a real racer. The engine is something you do not expect, the answer to the gas (too sharp to the very first openings) is so immediate mighty in midrange to recommend the use of high gears to exploit the exuberant torque, managed with difficulty from a mail functional but not evolved as we are used to find the next generation of sports. But the H2 does not want to be a motorcycle "electronic", wants to be a motorcycle "pure", from Samurai (as they defined its designers) which assigns almost totally to the pilot management of its exuberance.
RIDING THE BEAST - But if we want to talk of exuberance, impossible not to mention the H2R, bike capable of redefining the words "power" and "acceleration". Exaggerated, the H2R offers a level of performance unimaginable if not for a MotoGP. It is not a bike for everyone, of course, the pilots would treat them with respect, because it accelerates dramatically, if you overdo it loses grip and rears in fourth gear. However, in the end, as well as tremendously exciting turns out to be even more effective and fun of H2 because it has only 100 hp more, but above all it is lighter than 22 kg, which approaches its reactions to those of superbike "normal". Fast beyond imagination (at Losail was close to 321 km / h effective), but also more agile, responsive, able to hold the line and set to stop in less space.
FUTURE SUPERCHARGED - Is this the future? Kawasaki is convinced, the H2 is currently a real technological flag, but the technology of supercharging second Japanese engineers will soon also on smaller scooters and "simple", useful as for cars to increase efficiency and reduce size, weight, fuel consumption and emissions. The line is drawn. Kawasaki took courage, now it's up to others. YES PERFORMANCE No like her, power and torque peaks reach unthinkable. TECHNOLOGY Right now is a sensation, but overfeeding will come soon on other models. NO RESPONSE TO GAS Brusca in the first part of the race accelerator ONLY ONE Exciting but from "single" the H2 born seater DATA SHEET (in brackets Data H2R) Engine inline four-cylinder, 998 cc Power electronic injection with centrifugal compressor and Ride by Wire Power 147.2 kW ( 200 hp) at 11,000 rpm [228 kW (310 hp) at 14,000 rpm] Torque 133.5 Nm at 10,500 rpm [166.5 Nm at 12,500 rpm] steel trellis frame Weight 238 (214) kg Kerb Wheelbase 1,450 mm Seat height 830 mm inverted fork Front suspension Rear suspension single arm with monoshock

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