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Needs a life
Full throttle!
posted March 08, 2015 06:44 PM        
Motociclismo Italyy review


Google translation:

Kawasaki Ninja H2 and H2R: Fast and Furious!

What happens when you stick a supercharger on a missile 1.000.cc? Give life to a road only to accelerate as the medium and to a beast of the track only for everything ...

Preceded by months of previews, awaited, exaggerated, exciting, super discussed, loved or hated, considered a milestone or useless ... We are talking about the Kawasaki Ninja H2 and its "track only" H2R. All we have so far been able to tell you about her we told you, we showed you photos and videos, you did hear the sound, we have revealed the prices ... But it's stuff that goes back a few months ago, now, and you can go over the topic by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page. Now is the moment of truth, the one in which you describe how it feels to give gas with a motorcycle whose supercharged engine delivers 200 hp in "limited", while in the "full power" it shoots 326 (TRECENTOVENTISEICAVALLI)!
We think the Fabio Meloni, sent by the tester Motorcycling in Qatar to try the missile Akashi. Here are his driving impressions.

Take the push of a MILLONA to 9000-10000 rpm and move it to 5,000. Here's the Kawa H2 ( here all our articles on the new missile Kawasaki, also in H2R "track only"). The watchword of a supercharged motorcycle, at least of the "street legal", is then couple. Indeed, it is couples, couples, couple. Take up the gas, part sling. Literally. In the first few meters out of the corners there is no sport bike capable of accelerating with such readiness: does not come out of the corners, literally explodes! And then this push continues majestic rather uniform throughout the rev counter. An experience unlike any bike so far tested, which on the one hand and on the other enhances requires apprenticeship. Not so much for the chassis, which behaves well, with such stability, excellent braking, a lot of mechanical traction. But for dispensing. Get used to having the force to the center curve, when you start to accelerate, it is not easy, especially for the noticeable effect on-off. But if you can get used to that, the vent compressor whistling in climbing is always a marvel.

I have no idea how to ride a MotoGP but, now that I got out of H2R, I think I can guess at least as accelerates. In a way hardly imaginable. I do not know what words to use to describe this push. Diluted early (yes, diluted, manageable, quiet, unexpectedly normal), then hell. If the bike is only slightly bent, three quarters of gas are enough to slide the rear, imagine the idea of ​​opening in the fold. No no. Not me at least, but I imagine that Stoner would enjoy and would stringer 26 km. Drags you forward with un'irruenza so far unknown. The curves will run on him, the straight 1km disappears at the sides of the visor. Terrifying. Still beautiful. Unlike the H2 engine is more manageable in the first opening of the gas, and enjoys cycling of 20 (approximately) kg less, slipping faster cornering and changing direction with more agility. That motion amazing!

Prices are 25,250 (turnkey) the Ninja H2 and 50,000 the H2R (which do not need to add the registration, being racing). The bikes are both list and you can already order: arriving in recent weeks
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