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Expert Class
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posted October 10, 2009 12:56 PM        
Who is Hi-Mile from a VFR POV

Good day all,

Well I figure it will take a little time before people find this site. I've always liked the way fish built the website, If I write something from way back I can google the topic and there it is. Great job Fish.

Well who am I and what is my point of View on the VFR-1200?

Well as my handle suggest I do ride a-lot. It is my way to digest the way of the world or at least my world. You know I've been told that many of the hard core motorcyclist don't need Psy doctors, we just need to ride. I do think there is a bit of Merit to this. I feel we have a better grip of what is really going on because if we do not stay on top of our game the "game" can kill us. Even the most careful riders can be killed and that is just the way it is. We accept this fact and those who do not understand should maybe consider another hobby. A majority of people who will read this have a good number of years under their belt and know how to read the signs of the road. Still challenges are out there in the form of texting and otherwise so lets be careful out there.

Who is Hi-Mile? Well I currently work at a car dealership in the service department, pretty much doing anything that needs to be done. I like staying busy, but I have a larger goal but I still have a bit of schooling ahead of me before I can venture into that field, until then I will enjoy the joys that life delivers.

One of those Joys is the VFR-1200. Now will I own the first one off the truck? Well it depends on my situation at the time. If this puppy come in at 14-15 K it's possible. I worked as a salesman so I can play that Retail to Retail, Wholesale to Wholesale game with the best of them. The key will is how the economy is fairing come Feb. I currently have 3 VFR's a 2002 w 120,000 miles on her, a 2007 ABS Burg w 43,700 miles and the 25th Anniv RWB w/ 7,200 miles. I'm willing to trade both 07's for about 12K (keep in mind both bikes have full warranties until 2011). This may be very difficult to accomplish at the time the 1200 comes out but I think it can be done. The we owe will be the center-stand and full tool kit with lug nut remover included. See reading my threads can be educational. If I can not swing a deal well I will be happy attempting to find out how far a VFR-800 goes, I'm having a hard time killing the 2002.

I'm also a bit anal about the Maintenance of the motorcycles I ride. I like to share my work with those on the web, my way of encouraging you to work on your own ride. I'm a little sharper than the average bear in this department, so if you have questions please feel free to ask, if I don't know I can find a lot.

Strangely I don't ride Hard, I have in the past but as one ages, well I don't know if it is the fact that it hurts when I fall off or my reflexes are not what they used to be but I like riding a bike like most drive their cars. Explains why I have so many miles on a single bike, Guess the Old/Bold applies here.

Finally I always sign-off with the total miles currently on my bikes. It will be cool to see the numbers at the end of this thread in say 10 years. I hope to still own at least one of these babies then.
Take care all.
2002 VFR 120,198 miles
2007 VFR/ABS 43.754 miles
2007 VFR RWB 7,198 miles

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Zone Head
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posted October 12, 2009 03:45 AM        
Wow.....good luck on your prowl for a new VFR1200.... I love my bike as well (although not a VFR), but I do see where you are coming from on your outlook about riding. I do like the new VFR a great deal myself but cant fathom dropping 15k next year.
My family needs a new car. I have always liked them and wanted one, but will have to wait and see how they do on the market.
I hope you get a chance to get one, maybe you can tell us about her.... give us a good write up. My wife does like to take trips with me but she hates getting on the back of my R1. She is upset at the fact that I got rid of the zx-14. Now everything that I ride is compared to it and of course nothing matches.. Maybe in a year or so the VFR would be my replacement for it. Or i would get her own to ride. (dont trust her behind the wheel so not happening) waiting for her to hit showroom floors so I can see her in person....
2009 Yamaha R1-SOLD!
2013 Zx-14R Green ABS

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