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posted August 09, 2010 12:46 AM        
Still out of comission/Battery Question

Hi all, Well I had my surgery first week of july, Still can't ride and do not forsee it happening this year... Supposed to stay in my sling for 6 weeks, but after a month took it off and am making baby steps toward recovery now.

Since I havent been riding it I decided to put the charger on it, it's an exide 10 amp marine auto charger. I have 2 and love 'em, you can put it on any size battery, leave it on forever and not cook it, well at least untill now....

Hooked it up and left it on overnite, in the morning I unhooked it and heard the battery gassing, thought that was strange. I then put it on my klr for around 18 hrs to come and find it leaked out onto the floor and that the auto feature isn't working, just full blast.

Concerned about the connie, I got a flashlight and was looking in but didn't see any acid anywhere, all the vent hoses were dry. I was concerned about corrosion due to leakage. I just looked on ebay and the manual and there seems to be no vent hose like my klr...

Has anyone had one leak? I don't know what condition my battery is in now, think i'll bring home the batt tester from work. Just concerned about leakage right now...

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BIKELAND > FORUMS > > Thread: Still out of comission/Battery Question NEW TOPIC NEW POLL POST REPLY

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