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posted August 07, 2010 08:43 AM        Edited By: JTC14 on 7 Aug 2010 22:47
08 C14 Back firing Question

Hello all
I have a question & maybe in need of a map & or solution to a back firing problem with my 08 C14.
Aprox 11/2 yrs ago I installed the Dyno jet PC3 & An AreaP slip on exhaust with a map from fuel moto. I was experiencing some slight back firing with this set up. No big deal.
About 5 months ago I went with the AreaP full exhaust with another different map.
The back firing got worse.
I did the air box mod No change.... changed maps to the slip on map & even went with the 0 map (No data map) same thing.
I get some serious popping @ about 3k RPM. On deceleration..
This bike runs like a raped Ape &/or Rocket ship but the decel???
I have read that this bike does back fire even with the stock exhaust but you just don't hear it do of course to the Cat & the crap they put in the stock exhaust

I have talked to AreaP & Fuel Moto & all they tell me is to do the air box mod & there are no other maps for the bike.

Now the question is... Does anyone out here run my set up & if so do YOU have this problem?
If you do run this setup & DO NOT have this problem ...What map are you running or if there is someone out here that is brighter than me please enlighten me as to what to do.
I pride myself as a open minded person & would love to hear from you. : )
Perhaps an after market air filter??

I am really not familiar with the way the mapping prog works should I add or subtract @ the 3K RPM data field? I DUNNO!!

Set up
AreaP full exhaust
PC3 with areaP/Fuel Moto map (They are both the same)
New plugs @ 9K miles I now have 11K & I have replaced the filter W/stocker..

Again the bike runs stronge as hell but I would like perfection. I'm a nut!!!

Thanks to all


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posted August 07, 2010 02:21 PM        
I do not run a PC3 or even a pipe. BUT I can give you some insight.
What you may not know a "0" map does not yield a stock map. I measured the pulses with an Oscope with the "0" map the outputs could be as much as 20% different than the inputs. The thing is not designed or programmed very well.
With that being said the as you know the backfiring occurs when the throttle is closed or close to closed. And if they are 20% off you could be putting a bunch of fuel or not enough in and backfireing occurs. So the way you can try to fix this start with a zero map and in the 0-10% throttle cells at all rpms add fuel and try it and see if it gets better, if it gets worse, remove fuel. And keep trying it adding or removing fuel. If there is a timing feature do the same. Then when things are better transfer those changes to your real map.
The PC is poorly implemented and although it works, it is not very accurate. The timing of the pulses drifts and they just don't care.
Also try removing the PC altogether and see what effect that has. If it runs better you might get an idea how far off the unit is.
Just my thoughts.

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posted August 09, 2010 06:55 AM        
well, even stock bikes do it. As soon as you went to a s/o pc3 it was louder, yes it will be. Then going to a full system no cat's and it's worse, yep it will be worse. I like it personally, but my friends bike with no cats, stock, with a s/o is obnoxious. Sounds like a high powered rifle going off, i wouldn't be suprised if flames came out the back...

Blocking off the intake for the air inj should have helped, but the backfire is prob due to a lean spot possibly having to do with map/cam timing/ign adv. In carb days they added an enrichment circuit to combat this.

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BIKELAND > FORUMS > > Thread: 08 C14 Back firing Question NEW TOPIC NEW POLL POST REPLY

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