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Expert Class
Posts: 291
posted April 03, 2006 10:28 PM        
Kawasaki secret

I talked face to face with a Kawasaki employee at the tent in Daytona in early March, he told me the bikes would be at the dealers by mid March. At that point I went to my dealer and paided for my bike in full
So either he had no clue or Kawasaki screwed something up and in this day and time the buying public is unforgiving.

What ever the problem is they sure have kept it a secret and I'm having second thoughts.

Where's my 14 ???

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Needs a life
Needs more time to ride!
Posts: 8442
posted April 04, 2006 01:57 AM        
Thanks Jimp.

This is my point.
be upfront.
he honourable.
people will respect and understand your postion

Just don't leave them in the dark.
natural selection.....
destiny will overcome intervention.
Some are not worthy of the effort.

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Expert Class
Posts: 112
posted April 04, 2006 02:17 AM        
Ok, a week ago I was quite willing to throttle some poor Kawasaki employee because I won't be seeing my bike for a while yet. Over the last few days I've thought about it and decided if I didn't wait for the release and bought something else I may possibly regret it.

Unlike most of you I have not even seen the bike, hell, there is a chance I won't like it, but I have no option only to wait patiently for it's arrival to our sandy shores. I seriously don't think I will be disappointed but if it's not the bike for me then there are PLENTY more out there, including the ZX-12.

If slipped delivery dates are the only thing I can come up with to be disappointed with Kawasaki about then in the great scheme of things that could go wrong in the world it's a pretty pathetic point to dwell on.

I agree it would be nice to get some reason for the delay, maybe it's a re-tooling problem, parts supply problem or maybe they are going to suprise us all and have a world wide release in April, who knows and at the moment I couldn't give a dribble I just want this bike to be everything people have be saying it is and not be a flop.

Take care guys and girls..

2000 ZZR1100
Katie: 2006 ZX-14.. 186.69HP 110.68ftlb,
Ti-Force Twin High mount Slip-ons, Hyperpro Steering Damper, Sato rearsets, Carbon Fibre Lowers, lower rear wing, Tank Pad, Hugger, Ohlins Road and Track Rear Shock, HID low beam, Sato Rearsets, ASV Levers, Goodridge Carbo-Line Braided front and rear Brake lines, Galfer Braided Clutch line, ZX-10 Front Fender, EK ZZZ Drive chain, Driven rear sprocket, Pipercross Race filter, Powercommander, Secondary Butterflys removed

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BIKELAND > FORUMS > ZX-14.com > Thread: Kawasaki secret NEW TOPIC NEW POLL POST REPLY

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