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dragon rider

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Dragon Rider
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posted July 28, 2009 06:45 AM        
my daughter on my 08

well time for another tire change so I told my daughter she could ride the bike to the dealer, i would ride it back with the new tire on as it would be slippery at first. When I got there, quite abit of time after her, hehe, I asked her a few questions about the bike. How did she like it, was it faster than her 06, how did it handle. Well she says, its faster than my 06. I dont have to worry about wheelying past cars because it was spinning up the back tire in 3rd and 4th. I cant figure out why the bike hasnt sold well. It's faster. handles better and looks great, after the ninja cross eye eliminator was installed. Well anyway, i had to smile. I said maybe if the suspension was set up different for you and the tire was warmer it may not spin. It was good to hear from her who has ridden the 06 a lot that the 08 was a faster ride. If she gets one (and she wants one badly now) she will have to be careful with the power it has. One of her guy friends had recently loaned her his 06 cbr and she says the 08 puts it to shame. She would know, she would tell me if it wasnt. But how crazy is that! She was lighting up the tire in 3rd and 4th and we all know how fast that is. And she said the front tire was dancing abit. Just sharing what she said. I thought i should mention something as well. Somewhere it was mentioned the gearing might be lower on the o8 to make up for the torque difference, a larger rear sprocket etc, Well it does 100mph in 1st so I dont know what they changed. When I readthis I thought maybe it didnt do that fast in first and the reason it wheelied and was so crazy was that it had lower gearing. Well as far as I could tell it doesnt. If 5th does 184mph (on the dial, not fixed) then its not geared much different. My 05 wouldnt hit that in 5th. Anyway, just letting anyone interested, the bike is mad and stupid fun and if you are under 140 the bike spins in 4th. hehehehehe, it just wheelies with me. 230 unsuited.
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BIKELAND > FORUMS > ZX10R ZONE.com > Thread: my daughter on my 08 NEW TOPIC NEW POLL POST REPLY

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