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posted December 06, 2001 09:47 AM        
Exciting Dragrace scene for ZX12 fans

Taken from Dragbike.com

In an earth-shaking announcement, Rob Muzzy has signed a multi-year contract with AMA/Prostar 600 SuperSport champion Ryan Schnitz to ride the team's new ZX-12R based Pro Stock bike. The story first broke on the discussion forums of Dragbike.com, placed by Muzzy himself, but details were few. Now we got'em.

Schnitz was hired as a "development rider" and works directly for Muzzys, says race team spokesman Doug Meyer. The details of the contract were not disclosed but it is rumored to be a 2-3 year deal with optional years and some juicy perks, including performance-based bonuses.

The deal makes Schnitz, son of drag bike parts retailing magnate Dave Schnitz, the third full-time professional rider in the Kawasaki ring and the first hired directly by Muzzy. Rickey Gadson and Chip Ellis are both retained by Kawasaki. Schnitz will remain on Kawasaki's "Team Green" to defend his 600 SuperSport title, of course on a ZX-6R. Other Team Green members for 2002 include Keith Thompson, Chris Williams and new member Chip Hunter.
Heres the part I like!!!
The Pro Stock bike can change the face of motorcycle drag racing as it will most likely be the first serious development effort to campaign a modern, liquid-cooled 4-valve powerplant in a class dominated by out-of-production Suzuki GS and Kawasaki KZ based motors. Muzzys has no timetable for the machine which will feature a Kosman chassis. "It's a ground-up effort," said Meyer. "A great deal of development needs to be done on the ZX12R motor to make it competitive in Pro Stock racing. It will first see the track in Prostar competition with the ultimate goal of being a winning NHRA entry. We are confident that it will be competitive in NHRA competition and confident that Ryan will help us reach that goal."

Team Muzzy will be bringing a lot of hardware to the drag strip in 2002 most of which is based around the ZX-12R platform. This is how it currently shakes out: Schnitz will be aboard the aforementioned Pro Stocker as well as the team's ZX-12R Formula Superbike. (That's right, Formula Superbike - you heard it here first.) Gadson will ride a new turbocharged ZX-12R Streetbike Shootout bike and the much-anticipated turbo ZX-12R Pro Mod entry. "The goal is to have the Pro Mod at Gainesville," said Meyer, declining to say which Gainesville.

Interestingly, Meyer noted that the turbocharged ZRX-1100 that Gadson rode in the Streetbike Shootout this season is "officially retired and for sale." Pending such sale, however, we have learned that the bike has been outfitted with a slick and extended swingarm and is now a legitimate entry for the Outlaw Pro Street class. How cool is that? If that is being considered, the team should certainly be able to put together a 60" Pro Sportbike for the MIR/Rock series. And you might as well hit Maxton, NC, for some speed runs on your off weekends!

The only sad part of the whole deal is that due to an exclusivity clause, Schnitz will no longer be able to ride Coby Adams' Suzuki GSRX that he brought to second place in the Streetbike Shootout points this season. Unsubstantiated rumors have Adams loitering outside of Kawasaki dealers in the North Carolina area begging for spare change. Hmmmmm....

Meyer was quick to note that with all these machines being shuffled around the mission of the team is clear. "The focus of both riders will be to win the Prostar Championships in their respective classes, Gadson in Streetbike Shootout and Schnitz in Superbike," said Meyer. "Gadson and Schnitz will also be riding other classes throughout the year to fulfill the team's needs in the development program but their main goal will be to earn championships for Muzzys and Kawasaki."


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Half the wheels, twice the fun
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posted December 06, 2001 11:07 AM        

That kicksASSS!!!

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posted December 06, 2001 02:37 PM        
zx12r....king of the road

i love it at the track when the anouncer says pro bikes suit um up. do us proud ryan and the rest of the team.race on sunday sell on monday.keep burnin rubber....killer

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posted December 06, 2001 04:51 PM        
Good one Steve...
GO Team Green!!!

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posted December 08, 2001 11:06 AM        
That kicksASSS!!!

Yeah! What he said!!!!! LOL

Awesome news

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BIKELAND > FORUMS > DRAGBIKE ZONE.com > Thread: Exciting Dragrace scene for ZX12 fans NEW TOPIC NEW POLL POST REPLY

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