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Parking Attendant
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posted August 04, 2014 07:18 AM        
HELP...dynojet power commander V

First off I am new to the site and new owner of a 2001 zx12r. I may be lookin in the wrong place but haven't been able to find any info on anyone running a dynojet power commander V. They offer one on dynojets web site but give no idea to what kind of performance gains to expect. I have a two brothers racing slip-on and a k&n filter just looking for more power/performance. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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ummm... yeah
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posted August 05, 2014 03:54 AM        
I wouldn't expect any different performance improvements than the older power commanders. They're just newer renditions of the same tech after all. I recall a simple re-tune being good for a few horse on a stock bike. Really a PC comes into its own if you have significant mods that require fuel or ignition curve changes. With a slip-on only i don't think you'll gain much... full systems seem to be what really changes A/F delivery needs.

Where you may gain some real value from a PC is in smoothing out the snatchy throttle at low RPMs. People gave a bunch of fuel at 1% throttle to help combat the notorious on/off throttle jerking. You'd want to search old posts for details.

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Needs a job
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posted August 05, 2014 04:40 AM        
I would recommend replacing the bolt-on exhaust with a full exhaust system.
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Parking Attendant
Posts: 2
posted August 05, 2014 09:23 PM        
Thanks for the info. What about the muzzy timing advance?
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BIKELAND > FORUMS > ZX12R ZONE.com > Thread: HELP...dynojet power commander V NEW TOPIC NEW POLL POST REPLY

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